Monday, August 8, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 5

Welp, today's topic is a song to dewcribe my mood.  It's a JT song.  It's ALWAYS JT.  Today I think I'm in a "Carolina in My Mind" kind of mood.  It takes me back to the summer of 2001.  I had this teensy apartment in Norman on the second story of a home near the Theta house.  I LOVED it.  It had a tiny kitchen with a weird walk-in pantry, a little living room and a bedroom with the closet built inside one of the house's dormers.  There were little bitty hidey holes all over - stash holes that would have been a mobster's dream (or a drug dealer's - ha!).  I tried to find pics, but I failed.  Sigh.  Oh well - surely I have some somewhere.

Anyhoo, I would hang out in my little upstairs apartment and at first I only had a radio, no TV.  So I listened to my James Taylor Greatest Hits CD that I got at Hastings on repeat.  I would play it for white noise as I went to sleep.  (As my first time living completely on my own, white noise was a MUST).  I am slightly (ok, very) paranoid, and I thought every noise was someone coming to get me!  He really helped me sleep and to this day, a little JT puts me right out. :)  I LOVE him. 

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