Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Day!

Due to the blizzard on February 1, we got an impromptu snow day (more like a week).  Having a cold-weather loving dog was fun!  Not so much fun were the frozen pipes that left us without water all day Wednesday.  But I only took photos of the cute part - the puppy playing in the snow.  Here are some of my favorite shots!

Testing the snow...

Might like to go this way...

Aaahhhh!  What is thisssss?!?!?!

Okay, maybe I'll go this way instead!

 He was pretty pumped that he got to go out in front of the house (usually it's a no-go!)

Got a little too far away - had to send Ryan after him.

He's so prancy - adorable!

Racing back to the house...

About to fall off the foot and a half drop!

BOOM!  Face plant!


How do I get out of this?!?!

VERY deep drift!

Crawling out...

Whew - made it!

This is the drift he fell into!

Silly boy - running around like a fool with his tongue hanging out!

Running, running!

Time to head inside!

One final look at his precious, snow-covered face! :)