Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 4

 Doing zero better with timely posts.  :/  Today's Blog Challenge post is about my parents!

These are my parents with me at my 30th birthday party:

And my mom at my wedding:

They are both just wonderful - my mom is a very sweet lady, and I have loads of fun memories with her.  Like when I was obsessed with acting out television commercials and she would oblige me and play the non-starring roles.  And how she drove me around to sell Girl Scout cookies, come hell or high water.  (I did sell enough to pay most of my way to GS Camp, so it was totally worth it!).  She's loud and super talkative and my most favorite thing to do is to make her laugh so hard she can't talk or breathe - it's HILARIOUS because she still tries to talk through sobs of laughter and it sounds like gibberish!)  She truly is a nice nice person-she will do anything ANYTHING for me and I probably don't tell her enough that I appreciate her.  But I do.  I LOVE YOU, MOM!!!  :)

Usually, she is behind the camera snapping the pics, but I have a few of her too!

Here we are with my sweet Mama at a luau in Hawaii.

And on my wedding day:

Come to think of it, I have lots of pics of me and my mom, it's my dad that rarely makes a photo appearance.  Here's another of he and I at my birthday:

He's great too.  Super laid-back, loves outdoorsy things like fishing and grilling out.  He is always quick to lend a hand (thanks for helping us move last year, for example! And in and out of the sorority house!  And each apartment I lived in! He could be a professional mover - ha!)  He generally is a pretty quiet guy, but has the warmest laugh - it's contagious!  :)  LOVE YOU DAD!

And although it's a parental blog post, I also have a little bro who's pretty great and deserves a mention:

  Hi Matty!

And here we are at the Black Eyed Peas / U2 concert in Norman a few years ago:

And of course, the rest of my family, my lovely second set of parents - the Tupps!  Here are all 4 of my parents:

The ladies:

Me and my MaMa - see my mom on the right getting her camera ready?  Told you!

Ryan and MaMa

In this pic from Mother's Day, you can totally see my mom cracking up - her eyes practically close and she just laughs and laughs.  Hehehehe!


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