Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rough day

SO...I cannot get out of my funk!  Two things happened recently which made me funkier (???)  Not like funky funky, but like pissy funky.  Ha!

1.  People who have babies due in January 2012 (when our baby was due) are now announcing "It's a Girl!" and "It's a Boy!".  I kind of want to announce  "Baby T due 1/24/12.  J/K!  It died!!"  GAG.

2.  I learned that it most likely wasn't some one-off chromosomal thing that caused the last miscarriage.  It was because I have a luteal phase defect.  Apparently my corpus luteum sucks.    Looks like I get to take progesterone forever.  GAG.

If you read this, so sorry for the negativity.  Tomorrow will be a better day!  (Repeat.  Repeat.)  In other news, I look really cute today.  I bought a new Joie top at the new Saks Off 5th when the new outlet mall opened in OKC.  YAY!

1 comment:

  1. I am so sorry. Hugs. And don't apologize for the negativity, if you were happy, peppy about all this I would think you are crazy!