Sunday, August 14, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 7

Today's post is favorite movies.  I have a few.

They are:

The Little Princess - starring Miss Shirley Temple.  I just adored this movie growing up, and probably watched it 50 times.  It's about this little girl, Sara Crewe, whose dad goes off to war and leaves her at boarding school.  Obvs, the headmistress is evil and makes Sara a servant.  Well, Sara knows her dad will be coming back for her, and so she checks the infirmary regularly to try to find him.  No big deal for a 6 year old.  But it's precious - and I love it.  Here's the trailer from 1939!  


Another favorite movie is Chips the War Dog.  This one's a Disney movie from 1990 about a German Shepherd that is loaned by a family to the military.  He fought in WWII alongside his handler and actually received a bunch of military awards, including a Purple Heart and a Silver Star.  However, the army took them back, because apparently they can't give awards to non-humans.  Boo.  He was a hero!  I couldn't find a clip on YouTube - I guess you'll just have to get the DVD!

And my final fave movie: Sliding Doors.  This one had Gwyneth Paltrow as a lady and it follows her parallel universe lives - one in which she makes a train and one in which she misses the train.  It's kinda cheesy, but I like it.  It's super interesting and delightful!  Here's the trailer!


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