Saturday, June 25, 2011

Things I can do

Well obviously, the number one thing on my mind right now is the baby we lost.  And how soon we can try for another little one.  BUT my OB was very specific when I went in for my D&C that she did not want me getting pregnant for at least one full cycle.  Although this is 4-6 weeks away, it still feels like an eternity.  So rather than focusing on NOT being able to try for another baby, I have decided to try to focus on what I CAN do.  These include:

  • Call fence guy to get rear fence installed
  • Call gate guy to get gate plans arpproved and move forward with the Historical Society to get the gate installed
  • Call gutter guy to get gutters installed
  • Buy book on laying flagstone to prepare for our 4th of July project (which I have decided is laying a flagstone porch/walkway in our backyard)
  • Call sprinkler people to get estimates for sprinkler installation
  • Clean out storage room
  • Clean out basement and waterproof it
  • Close crawl space
  • Buy new door for basement to make a storm shelter type-space out of it
  • Paint old storage room
  • Move guest room into old storage room
  • Paint old guest room blue
That list should keep me occupied for a while...

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