Friday, May 20, 2011

Random Musings 3

1.  Just recently joined Pinterest.  And Polyvore.  How is it that I am so behind on web trends?  I mean, I practically have to find new cool sites by stalking cooler people  than myself who are in the know.  Okay, not practically - it's definitely something I do.  Hello!  This is how I found facebook!  In 2001, I was sitting in my Spanish 1225 class at OU and overheard Cool Guy asking Cool Girl if she was on "The Facebook" yet.  That made me look it up when I got back to the DG house, and the rest is Social Network history.  It's weird when I think that when I joined, the site was called THEfacebook - that seems weird to me.  Anyway, the point of the story is that I wish people who have clever ideas would run them by me first so that I can stay in the loop.  K thanks.

2.  I am literally being driven mad by my desire to have a baby.  I enjoy things going according to schedule, and by my accounts, this should have happened right away.  Instead, it's been 7 months with no luck so far.  Grrrrrr.

3.  My desire for said child is making me excited for a baby shower I am co-hosting tomorrow afternoon. Don't worry, I won't steal her baby.   But only because she's my Big from college.  She's having a little boy this summer - Baby C.  Awwwwwww.  I am really excited to see her and her cute little belly!!!  For the shower, I am in charge of decorations, and I have been undergoing a crash course in baby shower decor.  I have tons of stuff ready and I cannot wait to get it all set up!  I am definitely doing a blog post solely on the shower and all my decor I created.  I even made a diaper cake!

4.  A new hot dog restaurant opened a few days ago, from the same people who brought us Big Truck Tacos.  Since I love BTT (usually - I always get the Fifth, and sometimes it just doesn't work!), I bet I will love this place.  And since both are within walking distance of our house, even better!  Even though I stopped at Forward Foods (LOVE!!!) last night and bought ingredients for baked ziti, the hot dog place wins and I will have to make the ziti once home from Dallas on Sunday!

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