Saturday, September 5, 2009


So I've never really been all that interested in football.  However, the moment I stepped foot on OU's campus in Norman, I knew I'd have to change that pretty quickly!   I found that while the game itself wasn't very interesting, the pre-game festivities were amazing!!
The Pride of Oklahoma marches on the field...
being led by my FAVORITE - the strutting Drum Major!
They carry the Oklahoma state flag on to the field...
And they spell out OU!!!
Man, I LOVE the Pride!!
I am also in love with the beauty of the campus...the flower beds are always changing and exciting...
This next one is my favorite - it was to celebrate the Centennial of our great state!
And of course, the Seed Sower...an OU campus must-see!
And although I still don't watch football religiously, I'm always interested in this beautiful school which I call my Alma Mater (twice!)!  BOOMER!

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